That in the case of Mr. Dutta, he was falsely accused for being a party to a cheating scam of the “Rice Puller” the rare material, by the complainant  under Indian penal Code of 1860. The facts say that Complainant was introduced to one Partho who had a rare product named “Rice Puller” having magical powers and having uses in Atomic Energy and having a high commercial value in the international market which can be used for research purposes Thereafter, Complainant got in touch with Accused 1CEO of the UK based company Vintage Group dealing with high value antiques, “Rice Puller” and other Atomic Materials, and gathered information that Complainant was in touch with the person who is holding such type of a product and he is looking for a genuine buyer for it.  Complainant alongwith her friends met with Accused 1 and Accused 2 and told them  how to do a successful deal of the “Rice Puller” product. The company also invited Mr. Dutta to visit their Salt Lake Office. 

At the office they stated that due to certain issues Vintage group has done a merger with AAE Solutions. Thereafter Partho handed over the sample of water bottle at the salt Lake office to handover it to Accused 2 for testing. Wherein Accused 2 informed Complainant that the sample had qualified for the double confirmation and to measure the radiation level of the product for which they required machine test of the same. Accused 2 had shown some material in the room, Partho when trying to remove the normal packing of the product, immediately all lights of the room diffused and there was terrific hazardous smell coming from it. So Partho suddenly demanded of Rs. 10 crore as an advance of the day of creating the material into joint custody as the product was too powerful. 


Complainant was somehow able to manage to arrange some amount and hence decided to deposit the same in cash. She had made the payment of 5 lakh to AAE solutions and another one lakh too. After that she made the payment of 3.5 lakh to Mr. Dutta and Accused 2. Later on, Partho informed Complainant due to causality of a person during mishandling of the material the testing was not possible today. Complainant and Robin met with Mr. Dutta and Accused 2 who clearly stated that the process could not be extended further and that if the work had to be done then they had to pay 15 lakh rupees. The amount was handed over to Accused 2 for continuing the process and the due date was scheduled on 31.08.2021. 

Later Complainant came to know that a police raid happened and the material was confiscated by them. But the company mentioned another 40 Lakh was required for the project for procuring the material and the suit jacket. When Mr. Dutta mentioned that they had unused chemicals and suits from the previous project, to which Accused 2 replied the validity of those chemicals was only 6 hrs for sanitizing the suit jackets, hence 36 Lakh was paid and the date of the work was scheduled for 14.09.2021. Complainant then handed over 24.5 Lakh rupees for anti radiation suit and the kit for the work schedule. Later that day she came to know that the material has no radiation power and the same has been frozen due to rain, hence the deal was not possible. Thereafter Complainant demanded a refund of Rs. 89 lakh but the same was not returned to her hence she filed for an FIR.


The Allegations put against Mr. Dutta have been baseless and under conjecture and had no grounds for it to be proved against him. There was no direct involvement of him and that the cheating scam that happened with the complainant was solely against the main accused I.e Accused 2. He was arrested on baseless allegations. The wife of Mr. Dutta had contacted Mr. Kshetry regarding her Husband’s bail and the same was strategically and with great involvement was handled by him and hence Mr. Dutta was able to get justice.

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