False Allegation Against Mr. Chowdury for Murder

Facts of the case

In this case there were six accused for the false murder case of Mrs. Pal. According to her family, she was strangled by her husband’s friends and one of the accused was Mr. Chowdury. The incident took place because her husband was not happy with the wife and that she was mentally and physically tortured for dowry by the her husband and the in-laws. Moreover, they also stated that her husband later started having an extra marital affair with other lady and that’s when the problems between the husband and the wife had started. 


The Solution

The allegations that were put against our client was typically baseless and totally false. As according to the post-mortem report, this was a case where Mrs. Pal hanged herself and that Mr. Chowdury was falsely framed for the same. As after the incident the client was fully ready to cooperate with the police regarding the thorough investigation of the death of Mrs. Pal. Kshetry and Associates had immensely helped our client in order to get the justice that he best deserved. Hence, Mr. Chowdury was finally granted bail for the same and got the justice that he well deserved with the help of Khetry and Associates.

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