Over 600 Lawyers Wrote To Chief Justice Concerning On Threats To Judiciary’s Integrity

Over 600 lawyers wrote to the chief justice concerning threats to the judiciary’s integrity, including eminent figures such as senior advocate Harish Salve and Bar Council of India chairman Manan Kumar Mishra. They have penned a letter to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, highlighting what they perceive as a growing threat to the integrity of India’s judiciary. In their missive, the legal professionals voiced their condemnation of what they describe as a “vested interest group” endeavoring to manipulate judicial processes, influence court decisions, and sully the reputation of the judiciary with unfounded allegations and political motives.

Tactics Employed to Manipulate Judicial Processes

The lawyers expressed particular concern over the tactics observed in cases involving allegations of corruption against political figures. They cited attempts to sway court decisions and tarnish the judiciary’s image through the dissemination of false narratives and comparisons to an idealized ‘golden age’ of the courts. These efforts, they argued, are designed to exert undue influence on judicial outcomes and undermine public confidence in the judiciary’s impartiality.

Over 600 Lawyers Wrote To Chief Justice Concerning On Threats To Judiciary's Integrity

According to the letter, one of the most alarming tactics employed is the alleged fabrication of narratives aimed at portraying a distorted view of the judiciary’s functioning. Moreover, there are claims of attempts to influence the composition of judicial benches, casting doubt on the integrity of judges and the fairness of court proceedings. The lawyers emphasized that such actions not only disrespect the judiciary but also pose a significant threat to the rule of law and the principles of justice.

Criticism of Political Flip-flopping and External Influence

The lawyers expressed dismay over what they termed as “political flip-flopping,” where politicians change their stance on legal matters based on their interests, thereby undermining the credibility of the legal system. They pointed out instances where politicians accuse individuals of corruption only to defend them in court later or criticize court decisions that do not align with their interests. Such behavior, they argued, erodes public respect for the legal system and undermines the rule of law.

Furthermore, the lawyers raised concerns about external attempts to influence judicial appointments and exert pressure on judges through social media campaigns and misinformation. They highlighted the strategic timing of such efforts, often coinciding with significant national events like elections. The letter drew parallels to similar incidents in the past and underscored the need for the Supreme Court to take decisive action to safeguard the judiciary from external pressures and uphold the rule of law.

In concluding their letter, where over 600 lawyers wrote to the chief justice concerning threats to the judiciary’s integrity, the lawyers called upon the Supreme Court to take proactive measures to protect the independence and integrity of the judiciary. They warned against maintaining silence in the face of ongoing threats, emphasizing the importance of confronting such challenges head-on. The legal fraternity urged the judiciary to remain vigilant and resolute in the face of external pressures, affirming their commitment to upholding the principles of justice and the rule of law in India.

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