Petition For Securing House Rent Allowance For Retired CRPF Officer Mr. D


Mr. D joined the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in 1986 as an Assistant Sub Inspector. Over his 37-year tenure, he served with distinction and was promoted to Assistant Commander in 2019. Mr. D retired from the Service Group Centre, CRPF Agartala in October 2023.

Timeline of Events

  1. Service and Retirement:
    • Mr. D had an exemplary career in the CRPF, retiring after 37 years of service in October 2023.
  2. Issues with House Rent Allowance (HRA):
    • During the final year of his service, Mr. D faced challenges due to arbitrary actions by personnel in the GO’s entitlement section at the Directorate General CRPF, New Delhi.
    • These actions appeared to be motivated by malafide intentions, leading to Mr. D being deprived of the government benefits for Parliamentary Force Personnel, specifically the House Rent Allowance (HRA).
    • Additionally, Mr. D was forced to vacate his government quarters by the Estate Officer of Group Centre, CRPF Durgapur.
  3. Pending Legal Matters:
    • Mr. D was informed that the matter regarding the grant of HRA to personnel posted in the Northeast Region was subjudice.
    • He was assured that he would receive his HRA after a final decision from the court or department.
    • Despite his efforts and communications with the concerned department, Mr. D received a response stating that he was not eligible for HRA.


Frustrated by the lack of resolution and the denial of his rightful HRA, Mr. D approached Kshetry and Associates for legal assistance. The firm, recognizing the arbitrary actions against Mr. D, filed a Writ Petition to secure the HRA that he was entitled to after his retirement.


The case of Mr. D underscores the challenges that retired personnel can face in securing their rightful benefits. It highlights the importance of legal intervention in ensuring that individuals are not deprived of their entitlements due to bureaucratic or malafide actions. Kshetry and Associates played a pivotal role in advocating for Mr. D, filing a Writ Petition to ensure that he received the House Rent Allowance he deserved.

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