Legal Battle Of Mr. Shashanka Ray: Case Of Assault And Trespass On Diwali Night

Date of Incident and Subsequent Events

On the evening of 23rd October 2022, around 8:30 p.m., Mr. Sashanka Sekhar Ray and his family were celebrating Diwali when a rocket or shell cracker from their celebration allegedly entered a neighbour’s house, leading to a chain of distressing events. A group of inebriated neighbourhood ruffians, identified as Auto, Bapi G, Liton, Bairagi, Kaushik D, Debu, and others, forcefully entered the Ray residence. The assailants hurled expletives and started a physical brawl, severely injuring Mr. Ray’s elderly mother, Usha Ray, and inappropriately touching and assaulting his wife, Anupa Tiwari. The violence also resulted in injuries to his elder brother, Chandra Sekher Ray, elder sister-in-law, Pooja Rai, and elderly father, Baban Roy. Tragically, Anupa Tiwari suffered a miscarriage due to the assault, and Mrs. Usha Ray endured multiple fractures requiring surgery.

The neighbourhood intervention eventually led to the arrival of the local club members and the ward councillor, after which the Ray family filed an official complaint at the Uttarpara Police Station on 24th October 2022.

Turmoil Faced by Mr. Sashanka Sekhar Ray and His Family

Mrs. Usha Ray suffered grievous injuries, including multiple fractures that necessitated surgery involving titanium nails. Post-hospitalization, she remained bedridden, and her recovery prospects were uncertain. Anupa Tiwari experienced severe mental shock and depression following her miscarriage. Despite filing a police complaint, the culprits initially evaded arrest, and although some were later apprehended, three remained at large. These absconding individuals continued to threaten the Ray family, causing persistent fear and distress.

The Ray family faced not only physical and mental trauma but also significant medical expenses. Their repeated pleas for police protection and proper investigation were largely ignored, exacerbating their plight.

Legal Intervention by Advocate Rajesh Kshetry

Mr. Sashanka Sekhar Ray sought legal recourse by approaching Advocate Rajesh Kshetry. Mr. Kshetry and Associates tirelessly appealed to the court to deny bail to the accused and protect the fundamental rights of the Ray family. He sought necessary relief and compensation for the victims, highlighting their status as law-abiding citizens deserving of justice and protection.

This case study underscores the severe impact of neighbourhood violence on the Ray family during a festive occasion and the subsequent legal battle for justice. It highlights the importance of diligent legal representation and the pursuit of fundamental rights in the face of negligence by law enforcement authorities.


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