The case of child custody between MR. X and MR. Y

Facts :-

During the matrimony between Mr. X and Ms. Y, they conceived two children. The two had decided to separate from the holy matrimony after a few years as there were too many differences amongst them. The two had already started living separately few years before they decided to end their marriage in terms of getting divorced. After the divorce proceedings the custody of the children had been granted to Ms. Y who is the mother of the two. Then during the court battle for the child custody, Ms. Y received full custody of the children. 


The order also stated that the father of the children also had the permission to meet his them between 4pm to 7:30pm on every Sunday of every month and return the children back to their mother safely after the period of visitation was over. Moreover, the mother of the children took all measures against the Mr. X the father of the two children to not meet him and his side of the family and not to be associated with them in any manner whatsoever. This was a clear indication from the mother of the children to have no connection with their father at all and the same does not constitute to any justice to Mr. X. That the mother of the children I.e. Ms. Y always tried to prevent the children from meeting with their father or meeting with the old Grand Parents of the children with Whom Mr. X resides. That the children were to have their summer vacation from school, wherein their father desired to bring his children to stay with him and the children’s old grandparents for at least 10 days during their vacation to which he was granted permission by the court. Thereafter, the father also mentioned that during that time span the children had gotten close to their father and that Mr. X desired to have quality time with his children. But since Ms. Y was not fully complying with the previous order granted by the Hon’ble Court, hence Mr. X had to approach the court for relief.  


The Father I.e. Mr. X was able to reconnect and spend some quality time with his children and that Kshetry and Associates had made all the best efforts for a father to meet his children. Wherein the mother of the children tried every which way to not comply with the order and restrained the father from meeting with his children, Khetry and associates made all efforts on behalf of our client I.e. Mr. X to reconnect with his children and that the children get to know and spend better quality time with their father. 

Order :-

As per the order by the hon’ble Court, that apart from the visitation granted the father will be entitles to take the children for two hours on every Saturday of every month and return the children to their mother’s place safely thereafter. This provision for the father was including with the previous order to which the mother of the children I.e. Ms. Y did not fully comply with. Moreover, the Hon’ble judge also mentioned that in the event of any further development that occurs, either parties will be permitted to approach the court regarding any modification of the current order.

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