Unlawful Land Acquisition and Compensation Dispute Case Study

This case study examines the legal proceedings of Nepal Chandra Ghosh & Ors versus The State of West Bengal and associated respondents. Kshetry And Associoates, representing the petitioners, played a pivotal role in securing justice for the petitioners, who were deprived of their rightful compensation for land acquisition by the government.


Nepal Chandra Ghosh owned 12 acres of land situated at Karjona Mouza, Bhatar, Burdwan. The land was appropriated by the Government of West Bengal for the construction of a Housing Scheme under the West Bengal Housing Board. However, the government failed to serve any official order to the petitioners regarding the acquisition of their land. Furthermore, the respondents, on various pretexts, failed or refused to pay the rent or occupational charges to the petitioners.


The core issue of this case was the unlawful appropriation of Nepal Chandra Ghosh’s land by the Government of West Bengal without issuing any formal order and the subsequent failure to compensate the landowners. Despite multiple attempts to resolve the matter through various means, the petitioners received no compensation for their land, prompting them to seek legal recourse.

Legal Proceedings

In 1999, the petitioners approached Kshetry and Associates to find a suitable solution to their problem. Kshetry And Associates took up their case and initiated legal proceedings against the State of West Bengal and other associated respondents, including the Joint Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Housing Department, District Magistrate, Additional District Magistrate, and Special Land Acquisition Officer of Burdwan.

Arguments Presented

Kshetry And Associates team argued that the respondents had violated the petitioners’ rights by acquiring their land without issuing the necessary legal orders and failing to provide due compensation. The petitioners highlighted the continuous refusal of the respondents to pay the rent or occupational charges, which exacerbated their grievances.


The learned judge, after appreciating the appropriate arguments presented by Kshetry And Associates, ruled in favour of the petitioners. The court ordered the respondents to repay the compensation money forthwith, recognizing the unlawful actions and the undue harassment faced by the petitioners.

This case, which spanned several years, was successfully resolved under the guidance of Kshetry And Associoates. His dedicated efforts and legal acumen resulted in a favorable outcome for the petitioners, providing them much-needed relief and compensation. This case underscores the importance of legal intervention in upholding the rights of individuals against administrative injustices.


The resolution of this case not only provided justice to Nepal Chandra Ghosh and his co-petitioners but also set a precedent for similar cases where individuals face unlawful land acquisition by government bodies. The case highlighted the need for adherence to legal procedures and timely compensation in land acquisition matters.


  • Nepal Chandra Ghosh & Ors versus The State of West Bengal & Ors, 1999.
  • Kshetry and Associates, Legal Counsel for the Petitioners.
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